vintage makeup tutorials
Vintage makeup tutorials – 1920’s to the 1960’s – direct to your device.

Vintage Makeup Tutorials – Beauty Tutorials from 1920s to the 1960s

Beautiful vintage makeup and beauty tips, tutorials and rare downloadable books for women from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s. Now download them all in one big bumper pack !

Retro Vintage Makeup Guide Books – Video Summary

NOW Download all our Vintage Makeup Tutorial books together – a bargain !

A Bargain Pack of all our beautifully restored vintage makeup tutorial books. Spanning six decades of makeup artistry. Learn the flapper look of the Roaring 20s, the Hollywood glamour look of the 1930s. The principles of of 1940s era makeup for wartime women. The golden era of glamour makeup in the 1950s. Finally the swinging sixties makeup look.
Genuine advice for women by beauty experts of the period. A nostalgic trip for advice and tips which are timeless. So treat your self, best friend or loved one to a pleasant surprise.

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vintage makeup tutorials
Vintage Makeup Tutorials

1920’s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Book

1920's makeup tutorial book
1920’s makeup tutorial book

Learn the look, styles and demeanor of a 1920’s woman as read by ladies of that era.

  • What Make-up Type are you ?
  • Weekly restoring work.
  • Corrective work.
  • Diet and beauty.
  • How to care for your hair
  • How to be a popular girl.
  • Right make-up for your color.
  • The 1920s philosophy of beauty.

and so much more !


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 1930’s Makeup Tutorial Books

1930s makeup guide book
1930’s Makeup Guide Book Tutorial

The Glamorous era of 1930’s Hollywood makeup styles – how they achieved the looks.

1930s makeup guides

 Make-up by Virginia Vincent 1932.

The purpose of this book is to help you in making up your face, observing contours and colors of the early 1930s period.

1930s makeup book
1930’s Makeup for Blondes

Make-up for the :

  • Light Blonde type.
  • Golden Blonde type.
  • Chestnut brunette type.
  • Dark brunette type.
  • Titian-Haired type.
  • White-haired type.
Makeup for your hair color

The New Art of make-up by Max factor.

Learn tips from the master, as taught to Hollywood actresses such as Carole Lombard and Claudette Colbert.

Max factor Beauty guide
  • Harmonizing
  • Powder technique
  • Lipstick technique
  • Rouge technique
  • Care of skin before and after make-up

and so much more !

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1940’s Makeup Tutorial Books

1940's makeup tutorial book
1940’s makeup tutorial book

The Westmore brothers definitive guide to Hollywood make-up styles of the 1940’s. A rare out of print book, lovingly restored with full color illustrations.

  • What is Beauty ? What is Glamour ?
  • Make-up and glamour for your skin type.
  • How to restore beauty.
  • Do’s and Don’t s for your face shape
  • Correct hairstyles for your face type
  • The Right Make-up for your eyes, nose and lips
  • The correct way to apply make-up
  • Glasses versus Glamour !

and so much more !

Bonus – 1940’s Beauty & Charm – Makeup Tutorial Book

1940s beauty and charm - tutorial book
1940s beauty and charm – tutorial book

PLUS a brand new addition – 1940’s Beauty & Charm. This is a rare gem. A textbook to beauty for the 1940’s woman by a leading beauty and fitness expert.

  • Your Type – Womanly, Aristocratic, Exotic, Outdoor girl, Gamine, Sophisticate.
  • Exercises and diets.
  • How to make up to your ‘face type’
  • Glamorous pin-up Eyes.
  • How to do pin curls
  • 1940’s manicure tips.
  • Clothing advice – your type, colors .

and so much more !

Buy the individual 1940s Makeup Tutorials for just $9.99. Alternatively get all six glamorous decades of beauty tutorials for a bargain $19.99 – the lot . Scroll back to top of this page.

1950’s Makeup Tutorial Books

Two beautifully restored and illustrated make-up and beauty guides from the 1950’s. Original advice as taught to women of this glamorous era.

1950s makeup guides
  • What is beauty ? Glamour? Charm ?
  • Prepare your intimate loveliness.
  • What is your face type
  • Facial exercises to aid beauty
  • Get a  Lovelier neck
  • How to apply eye, lip, face make-up
  • Mascara tricks
  • The 1950’s secret – Eye marking
  • Powder your arms

and so much more !


PLUS a brand new addition: The Charming Woman, an excellent and beautifully illustrated beauty book for the 1950s woman, edited by Helen Frazer, with contributions from top beauty gurus ( including the great Helena Rubinstein ).


  • Color Harmony Course – by Helena Rubinstein – ( for all hair color types )
  • 5 Page Make-up Color Chart to match Color Harmony.
  • Care of Hair and Nails
  • 1950s Diet
  • Etiquette in the 1950’s
  • Skin Beauty – Helena Rubinstein
  • Wearing the correct Hats
  • Leg Beautifying
  • The 1950s Wardrobe

and much more!

Buy the individual 1950s Makeup Tutorials for just $9.99. Alternatively get all six glamorous decades of beauty tutorials for a bargain $19.99 – the lot . Scroll back to top of this page.

1960’s Makeup Tutorials

DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY – direct to your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Two beautifully restored make-up manuals from the turn of the swinging 1960s. Beautiful and inspiring. PDF e-book – Can be read on smart phones / tablets / desktops!

1960s beauty guides

1960’s Make-up – Illustrated 1963 Tutorial.

  • How to choose your make-up
  • Harmonizing color
  • Balancing your face with make-up
  • Shaping the brows
  • Complete Step by Step
  • How to make up the eyes
  • What to do if you wear glasses
  • Complete 1960s Skincare course
  • Face saving facial exercises
  • Hand care and the 1960s Manicure

Bonus Booklet – Suzy Parker’s Daily Guide to Beauty

Arguably the world’s first “Supermodel” Suzy Parker was an American model and Vogue magazine’s “face of the post war American woman”.
Her career as a model reached its height in the 1950s, appearing regularly on the cover of dozens of the most elite fashion and beauty magazines as well as in advertisements and several screen roles.

Buy the individual 1960s Makeup Tutorials for just $9.99. Alternatively get all six glamorous decades of beauty tutorials for a bargain $19.99 – the lot . Scroll back to top of this page.

Get all five decades of Beauty Tutorials ! Treat your feminine heart !

– Direct to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Beautifully restored illustrated beauty guides from the flapper days of the 1920s right up to the beginning of the 1960’s –

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 Vintage Makeup Guides

Beautiful vintage makeup and beauty tutorials for women from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
Illustrated books, tips and style looks. From Flapper to Pin-up.

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Vintage Make-up

Max Factor giving a Makeup Tutorial in 1935

Max Factor’s Vintage Makeup Tutorial – 1935