1960s Makeup Tutorial Books

1960s Makeup Tutorial Books

Download direct to your device, these vintage 1960s Makeup Tutorial Books. Learn the art of makeup and beauty as actually taught to women in the decade of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

1960s Makeup Tutorial Books

1960’s Make-up – Illustrated 1963 Tutorial.

*How to choose your make-up
*Harmonizing color
*Balancing your face with make-up
*Shaping the brows
*Complete Step by Step
*How to make up the eyes
*What to do if you wear glasses
*Complete 1960’s Skincare course
*Face saving facial exercises
*Hand care and the 1960’s Manicure.

Bonus Booklet – Suzy Parker’s Daily Guide to Beauty

Arguably the world’s first “Supermodel” Suzy Parker was an American model and Vogue magazine’s “face of the post war American woman”. Her career as a model reached its height in the 1950’s, appearing regularly on the cover of dozens of the most elite fashion and beauty magazines as well as in advertisements and several screen roles.

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