Vogue 1950 – 7 Steps to Big Eyes by Barbara Mullen

Vogue Super Model Barbara Mullen shares her eye make-up secrets –


The stunning model Barbara Mullen will show you her technique for 1950s eye makeup, the ultimate trompe-l’oeil, calculated to double the size of your eyes and add to their brilliance and magnetism.

Seat yourself comfortably, with your elbows on a firm base for a slow, steady hand.
Have a strong light and self supported mirror. See that your pencils are well pointed, your brushes supple and clean.

For street and daytime make-up : steps 1,2,5 and 6 only.
For the evening: go through all the steps
No other make-up demands such patience and finesse. But none pays such startling rewards.


Step1 -Be sure the eye area is absolutely clean and dry, with no residue of cream.


Step2 -Smooth a veil of eye shadow toward the temple, first a neutral base, then a shade to match your eyes or costume.


Step3 -Pull the skin taut; outline the edges of both lids with, perhaps, a tilt at the outer corner.


Step4 -With a pencil trace a hairline curve on the lid along the top of the eyeball.


Step5 -Take a soft pencil and feather in the eyebrow with short light strokes.


Step6 -Brush mascara over the lashes several times.


Step7 -For enormous eyes trace the rim of the lower lid with a white pencil.

Barbara Mullen – one of the first super models of the post war era was recently tracked down by John-Michael O’Sullivan of the Guardian. She lives now in Switzerland and still has those beautiful eyes !
Read also 1972 projects excellent earlier Barbara Mullen feature about this enigmatic model who “disappeared” from us all!

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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed tips on eye make-up application for the 1950’s Look. I was invited to a “Shake, Rattle, & Roll” post Halloween party and needed a lesson on make-up application. The photographs along with the description was extremely helpful.
    Being a Civil War Re enactor, I do not have the opportunity to wear make-up when dressed in period clothing. I was fortunate to find an original, light blue, satin, knee length cocktail dress to wear to the party, I found it at a church consignment shop, it even has beads sewn on it with a big bow on the back! Trick or Treat? Definitely a treat to find your web site! Lucy

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