The Italian White Lipstick Sensation 1959

Make-up goes for White Lipstick 1959

White lipstick. Amid the rainbow of bright colors produced by the cosmetic industry at the tail of the 1950’s, the newest look in this year of 1959 is the chalk white lip color, and white eyeshadow!

White Lipstick Sensation- Italy 1959
The lipstick look of 1959

1.The face on the left is made up in a usual way.
2.The face on the right shows where to place the white for proper blending with color.
3.The final blend of white and color is shown in the middle.


Lipstick’s Dramatic Change

White lipstick – an Italian idea, has been growing in popularity with American high fashion women for the past year or two. Now available in quantity from many cosmetic producers such as Revlon and Max Factor , it is out -selling all other lipstick shades this year.

Max Factor lipstick 1960
White lipstick - Max Factor
Max Factor’s White lipstick look – 1960

White eye-shadow makes eyes look larger. White lipstick makes the wearer look at all times as though she had just licked her lips.

Could this pale new look define the coming 1960s makeup look?

That’s all !

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