Lipstick Lore from the 1930s

Richard Hudnut Beauty Booklet 1937 –

1930s Beauty Booklet 1937-Richard-Hudnut

Remember the days – long long ago when many a woman had a secret way of biting her lips to bring the blood to the surface when she wanted to look her prettiest?
Today women everywhere rely on lipstick to strengthen and accent the most natural coloring of one of their loveliest most expressive features, to improve on nature by reshaping lips to suit their taste, and to protect their lips from cracks and roughness – that ‘sandpaper’ feeling.


Study the size and shape of your own lips. Are they too thin? Run your lipstick over the edge, just a bit. Are they too full? Keep well within the lip line. Are they too long? Stop the rouge before it reaches the corners. Or don’t you like them at all?
Then recreate ! Run the pinted end of an orange stick over your lipstick. Draw the outline of new lips over your own. Then fill in this red guide line with your lipstick. A little practice gives lovely results.
Be sure to apply your lipstick well inside your lips or they will look unfinished when you smile. Blot the lipstick with a tissue and never wet your lips with your tongue – lipstick adheres best to dry lips.For a conservative makeup, use only a little lipstick and blend it delicately over your lips. But if your own coloring is brilliant, if you want your lips to be a strong, vivid accent, then use your lipstick frankly – only to be careful to make a neat job of it. Red lips must be perfectly shaped !

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