1950’s Doe Eye Makeup Tutorial

Simple Tutorial for 1950’s Doe Eye Makeup

The 1950s Doe-Eyed Look. A simple tutorial on how to achieve it. Here we look at some before and after examples demonstrated by Hollywood actresses. One of the key eye makeup looks of the 1950s Face

1950s Doe-Eyed Look in 4 Steps


  • Diane Lynn minus eye makeup
  • Draw line over lower lashes
  • Upper lid lines up towards temple
  • Eyebrows are high, exaggerated

The new eye fashion from Paris, featured by fashion magazines and seen, more and more frequently, at Hollywood parties. The boys love them. For the record, a doe-eyed wallflower is seldom seen.

Yvonne De Carlo – Doe Eye Makeup Look


Color contrast can be as violent as you like. Yvonne De Carlo uses brighter lipstick, black pencil around eyes.

Arlene Dahl – Doe Eye Makeup Look


Arlene with ordinary eye makeup. A blonde, she can use brown, dramatic blue or black pencil for the doe-look.

Phyllis Kirk – Doe Eye Makeup Look


Miss Kirk changes from pert miss to a saucy siren with new eye makeup. A more sophisticated neckline enhances this new siren look.

There’s nothing more natural about this new look in the eyes. It’s as frankly artificial as it is fascinating. Definitely it’s not for daytime. But for cocktail time and parties, oh yes.

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