Vintage 1920s Makeup Guides – Preview

1920s Makeup and Beauty guide

Get the 1920s flapper makeup look.
Rarely does a genuine manual of make-up and beauty tips from the flapper
era of the 1920s come along, but this is one of those occasions.
A lovingly illustrated and  restored e-book of an original beauty guide for from 1925, this little guide is filled with advice from a genuine 1920s socialite

Authored by Marjorie Oelrich’s – not only is it is a pure delight to browse for any vintage beauty enthusiast and those searching for an authentic advice on vintage makeup looks, but it is also an important historical timepiece of beauty modes of that era.
You’ll learn some of these clever 1920s beauty tips on eyes, lips, hair, face and lots more:
1.What beauty type are you?
2.Making your arms and hands beautiful
3.Right make-up for your color type.
4. Corrective make-up techniques
5. How to care for and dress your 1920s hair.
6.The 1920s philosophy of beauty.
7.1920s eye makeup
8.1920s style tips

and so much more!

Any  Flapper would want to read this book !
Treat yourself or a girl friend to this little treasure box of beauty wisdom from the Roaring Twenties
You can also get the Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all 1920’s,1930’s, 1940s and 1950’s guides. A real bargain!