1920s Makeup Tutorial Book

Vintage 1920’s Makeup Tutorial

An original 1920s makeup tutorial book direct to your device. Learn the art of beauty as actually taught to women in the 1920’s.

1920s makeup tutorial books
1920’s makeup tutorial book

INSTANT DOWNLOAD – direct to your device – a vintage 1920’s makeup tutorial book. Learn the art of make-up and beauty as taught to women in the 1920’s. If you are a vintage makeup fan, then this charming and beautifully restored 1920s makeup tutorial makes a lovely addition to your vintage inspired life. PDF e-book – Can be read on smart phones / tablets / desktops!

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1920’s Makeup Tutorial Book – Video Summary

1920’s makeup tutorials – video

Learn the art of flapper makeup

1920’s flappers guide to beauty

Learn the look, styles and demeanor of the 1920’s woman as read by ladies of that era.

1920's flapper makeup book
The art of 1920’s Beauty, hair and makeup
  • What Make-up Type are you ?
  •  Weekly restoring work.
  •  Corrective work.
  • Diet and beauty.
  • Care for your hair
  • How to be a popular girl.
  • Right make-up for your color.
  • The 1920s philosophy of beauty.

and so much more !

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This rare 1920s Makeup Tutorial  is included in our bargain bundle pack of vintage makeup tutorial books. Beauty guides from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and the 1960’s ! All for a bargain $19.99.

Vintage Makeup Tutorials and guides
Vintage Makeup Books – Bargain Bundle

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