1920s Makeup Tutorial Book

1920s Makeup Tutorial Book


INSTANT DOWNLOAD – direct to your device – an original 1920s makeup tutorial book. Learn the art of make-up and beauty as taught to women in the 1920’s. If you are a vintage fashion and beauty fan, then this charming and beautifully restored and illustrated book makes a lovely addition to your vintage inspired life. PDF e-book – Can be read on smart phones / tablets / desktops!
Price: $9.99


Learn the look, styles and demeanor of the 1920’s woman as read by ladies of that era.


  • What Make-up Type are you ?
  •  Weekly restoring work.
  •  Corrective work.
  • Diet and beauty.
  • Care for your hair
  • How to be a popular girl.
  • Right make-up for your color.
  • The 1920s philosophy of beauty.

and so much more !

This product is included in our bargain bundle pack of vintage makeup tutorial books. Beauty guides from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and the 1960s ! All for just $19.99.

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