1940s Hair Tutorial Book

An extremely rare and much sought after illustrated 1940s hair tutorial book, with specific advice for your type in achieving the best 1940’s look in hairstyles, hats and makeup.

Hats Hairdos and Makeup 1943 by Colette
Hats Hairdos and Makeup – 1940’s Style Book

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for the 1940’s Woman – by Colette

Hats Hairdos and Makeup 1943 book by Colette. A wonderfully illustrated 1940s hair tutorial book, with unique advice on how to achieve an accurate 1940’s style.

1940’s Hairstyles – Video Summary

  • Basic lines to Conceal or Reveal Points
  • The Oval Face
  • The Long Face
  • The Round Face
  • The Square Face
  • Makeup Hints
  • The Broad Face
  • The Heart Shaped Face
  • The Diamond-Shaped Face
  • The Triangle-Shaped face
  • The Flat or Bulging crown
  • Accessories and Color
  • Girls Who Wear Glasses

PLUS –  a bonus War Era Beauty Booklet by Max Factor.

max factor war era beauty book
Max Factor 1940’s makeup Book

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1940’s Hairstyle Books Bundle

For more 1940’s hairstyle books see our 1940’s Hairstyle Tutorials Bundle. Written by Ivan of Hollywood, these two rare 1940’s hair tutorial books offer a unique insight into the secrets of hairstyle techniques of the war era. Learn how to do victory rolls, hair parts, waves, bangs and pompadours.

1940s Hair Tutorial books

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