Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Lipstick

1950’s Lip Makeup tricks-

How to make up Thin Lips

1950-Max-Factor-Hollywood-makeup-book---thin lips

Make up the upper lip first, following the natural contour of the lip. Then, with lipstick, extend the upper lip line a trifle. Trace this lip contour on lower lip by compressing lips together. Fill in lower lip. If the lower lip is also thin, extend the lip line a trifle at the center.

How to make up Full Lips


Apply your lipstick to upper lip first, keeping the color a trifle inside the natural lip line. Then, compress lips together. This will give lower lip sufficient color without adding any more actual lipstick. You will find that a little less color on the lower lip, and more color on the upper lip, detract attention from the fullness of your lower lip.

How to make up Drooping Lips


The corners of any mouth should never droop downward. Therefore, in making up lips that have a natural droop, apply lipstick to upper lip first. Do not apply it at the corners of the mouth where lips begin to droop. Be careful, too, in not getting too much of an arch on upper lip, as this will emphasize the droop.

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Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Makeup
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