World War 2 Women Memorabilia

Women in World War 2 Memorabilia

Women in World War 2 Memorabilia

Restored handbooks, knitting patterns, beauty and fashion guides and magazines owned and read by British women in World War 2. The Land Girls, the Waaf, the ATS and the Wrens among others.

And those read by American women such as Rosie the Riveter, the Waves and Spars, Wacs, Wasps and Army and Navy Nurses and so much more.
Both wartime women’s packs come with bonus 1940s hairstyle and beauty guides. You can also get the whole Bundle together.

Learn what it was like to be one of millions of women in World War Two serving in the Allied forces, and on the home front during World War Two. Scroll down for some previews or for more information and download links visit our  Women in WW2 Memorabilia Shop now.

Women in World War 2 - 1940s-Wartime-Patterns-BookBlitz-Girl-Wartime-Woman-WW2 Women

Women in World War 2  - 1940s  hairstylesWomen in World War 2 - Paper Doll Fashion

Women in World War 2  - Join-the-WAAF-WW2 Women BookletWomen in World War 2 - Join-the-Cadet-Nurse-Corp-Booklet

Women in World War 2  - Join-the-WAVES-or-SPARS-Booklet-Women in World War 2  - Air Wac-Booklet

Download the entire British and American WW2 Women Memorabilia Pack by clicking on the image below.

Women in World War 2

The-Land-Girl-Magazine---Christmas-1942-Issue - WW2 WomenThe-Land-Girl-Christmas-Issue-1942  - Women in World War 2

Women in World War 2 - Make-and-Mend BookletWomen in World War 2 - Make-Do-and-Mend

Max-Factor-WW2 Women Makeup-and-hairstyles Max-Factor WW2 Women-Makeup-and-hairstyle-booklet

Life-in-the-Wrens-Handbook- Women in World War 2Land-Girl-Knitting-Pattern- Women in World War 2

Join-the-WAC - Women in World War 2Wren-Cardian-pattern - Women in World War 2

Get the British WW2 Women Memorabilia Pack by clicking on the image below.

British 1940s WW2 Women Handbooks

Airforce-Service-Pilots-of-the-1940s - Women in World War 2A.T.S-Handbook---1940s-War-Era-Women-in-Britain.-Download-WW2-Women-Pack

WAAF-Patterns---Women in World War 2Bra-Pattern-from-1943---Women in World War 2

1940-Turban-Pattern-Women in World War 21940-Ladies-Skirt-Patterns---Women in World War 2

Join-the-SPARS-or-WAVES-Booklet-Women in World War 2Join-the-WAVES-or-SPARS-Booklet-Women in World War 2

1940s-Cadet-Nurse-Corp-Booklet---Women in World War 2Pretty-Undies-Pattern-Set-Women in World War 2

A.T.S-Pattern-Booklet - Women in World War 2ATS-Handbook-for-women-serving-in-the-Auxiliary-Territorial-Service-Download-WW2-Women-Pack

Download the American WW2 Women Memorabilia Pack. Click on Image below.

Women in World War 2

1940-Blitz-Era-British-Woman's-Magazine-Women in World War 21940-Turban-Pattern---Women in World War 2

Girls-in-Uniform---Women in World War 2WAAF-Pullover-Pattern-1940-Women in World War 2

Join-the-WAVES---Booklet.-Download-direct-to-your-device.-1940s-US-Wartime-Women-Download-WW2-Women-PackArmy-Nurse-Corp-Booklet---Women in World War 2







Womens-Army-Corp-Booklet---Download-WW2-Women-PackCadet-Nurse-Uniforms---Women in World War 2

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