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During the Edwardian era from 1901 till 1910, there was little change in the employment of face make-up by women. That said, the new look began to become popular  thanks the advent of poster art from French artists like Toulous Lautrec.
Still mainly the domain of actresses, make-up was stll essentially greasepaint, and not for daily wear, other than rouges. The Pearly look with pink lip color was very popular among readers of the American fashion magazine Delineator.


Tinted liquid bases were increasingly used, generally chosen to be a shade lighter than her own skin.The objective for Edwardian ladies was to tone down too rosy a complexion. Rice powder was a common finish which gave that much sought after pearl finish. Before the invention of the powder compact, Papier Poudre, which consisted of small powdered tissue papers, was used to finish a girls complexion.

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They were discreet and easy to carry in a purse or handbag.If you want the Edwardian look, then papier poudre tissues are a must, and they can be bought still today! Papier Poudres clean excess oil.

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