1940s Makeup – Elegance is the Last Word

Actress Jeanne Crain on the 1946 look –


Josephine Felts 1940s makeup report for Vintage Makeup Guides.

Makeup today is as different as your 1945 clothes are from the ones you are getting to usher in 1946. Fashions are taking on a new elegance and your makeup has to do the same. How are you going to do it?
Well – by spending more time and practicing the hints that famous Hollywood makeup men use!

These men really have the “know-how”. They have spent years in studying the effect makeup has on the face, how long it lasts,etc. They take their time and so should us girls.

First and foremost, your face must be absolutely clean. You creamed it to remove grime and dust; you’ve put on a softening cream during your bath and now every trace of grease must be removed with your skin lotion.



By this time you’ve decided on the right foundation cream for you in a shade to give your skin an extra glow. Foundation cream of any type must be worked thoroughly into the skin. If you are a cake makeup fan, don’t forget that the face doesn’t stop at the jawline. For either foundation cream or cake type, be sure to remember the forehead, under the eyes, around the nose and mouth. After it’s on, let it set for a while. This is your makeup base.


Rouging comes next. Actually the right space for rouge is very small indeed. Immediately under the eyes and kept high is the best rule for all types of faces. No lines of demarcation must show and in order to make everybody think its your own natural blush, you’ll have to be very skillful in applying it.

Lipstick, Powder and Eyes


You’ve been able to get a good lipstick brush – the new ones are wider and easier to handle. Look how carefully Jeanne Crain applies hers – with a brush and “before” powdering. Powder should be pressed into the face in liberal quantity. Powder which is “blown on,” patted on gently, or in any other way simply won’t last an evening. Excess powder is brushed off with a soft clean brush.


Eye interest is something else again, and it’s your personal choice whether or not you use eye shadow, but a small amount, skilfully used is very flattering. Your eyebrows should be brushed with with the same type of of brush Jeanne is using to remove powder and the pencil or style of 1940s mascara applied only after they are clean. Your eyelashes should be tipped gently to avoid a beady, artificial look. Mascara can be skilfully applied so – that no one even guess you have it on – they’ll just believe you were born with that silky fringe.

Final Touches to Lips


The extra touching up with lipstick can be done just before the door bell rings. Blot your lips with tissues and reapply the lipstick. Be sure the stick in your handbag is the same colour you used at home – lipsticks are jealous of each other! The powder in your compact should be the same colour that you already used.
You’ll do that pretty dress real justice now, have a good time all day, feeling and looking your feminine best!