1966 Makeup Tutorial – Four Faces of Beauty

Famous Fashion Models share their make-up know-how –

1960’s makeup tips from models Bennie Chavez, Susan Smith, Nancy Brown, and Christine Fraser.


1960’s Long Face Look – Bennie Chavez.

Objective – to soften hollows of a gaunt face. Create width at eye level with liners, highlights. Shade chin point to remove angles. Blend line down.


After angles have been softened, the face of Bennie is “warmer”. She also puts white highlight on her eyebrow bone, on lid, underneath eye to erase shadows, applied liner with arc at center lid for “wonder eyes”

1960’s Square Face Look – Susan Smith.

Objective – to strengthen features, minimize points. Curve brows to break “squareness”. cut off jawline with dark powder. brush off angles.


After make-up has been applied, the facial features of Susan Smith stand out. She also makes sure that foundation doesn’t stop short of jawline. She “rounds” bones under brows with “clown white”, and finishes with false eyelashes.

1960’s Classic Oval Face Look – Christine Fraser.

Objective – to emphasise beauty, symmetry of this face shape. Play up the eyes and add false lashes.


After all this is done, the “eyes have it” for Christine. Using fine black liquid liner across the upper lashes. She also uses white base on lids to make them a better background for eye make-up. She applies lots of mascara, shadows all her hollows, highlights the planes.

1960’s Round Apple Face Look – Nancy Brown.

Objective – To turn round curves into angles. Shadow jawline with dark cake make-up. Blend up to highest cheek point. Extend upper lip out and up.


After all make-up has been applied, the face of Nancy Brown has angles and planes to cut curves. She also “lifts” eyes with makeup for more angles, arched brows, keeps make-up modified, applies a “blush” at the temples.

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