Vintage Lipstick and Rouge Chart – 1941

The Low-down to a 1940’s Hollywood Face –


Firstly, you can cut out the chart above and use as a reference for all the beauty tips we discuss in this lesson. Below we examine in closer detail the key to correct use of rouge and lipstick.

1. How to Apply Lipstick and Rouge for your FACE.


Oval face: Make up lips full, following their natural outline. begin rouge on cheek under each eye and blend back toward temples in triangle.

Round face:Make up mouth as wide as becoming, bringing color out to end of lips. Use darkest rouge that is becoming. Blend toward temples, then down along jawline.

Long face:Follow natural lip contours making lower one full at corners, but don’t extend length. use light tone rouge and keep to center of cheeks.

Square face:Bring lip make-up out to full length of mouth, softly curving upper lip. Start rouge under the yes, blend toward temples, then shade downward over jawline.

Heart-Shaped face: Keep lips slightly heart shaped, though natural, and fairly small. begin rouge on highest point of cheekbone and blend toward temples.

Triangular face:Make up lips wide, arching them slightly. begin rouge beneath eyes and shade toward temples, then down over jawline.

2. How to Apply Rouge for Better Proportion to EYES.


Normal eyes: Intensify natural cheek coloring slightly. Keep rouge away from area near eyes.

Round eyes:Blend rouge from a point well beneath each eye and carry it lightly toward the temples.

Circle eyes:Cover circle edges with foundation and powder, blend rouge faintly over them.

With Glasses:Blend rouge high on cheek just under each eye. Rouge lips vividly and carefully.

Deep-Set eyes:Apply rouge well beneath eyes, avoiding hollows, and blending towards the temples.

Prominent eyes:Blend delicately well up to point just below the eye.

3. How to Apply Lipstick to proportion the NOSE.


Shapely nose:Apply your lipstick, following natural outline of the lips. Avoid heavy or bright lip make-up which will make nose seem too small.

Short nose:Emphasise upper lip with deeper, brighter lipstick and make it slightly wider and fuller than lower lip.

Long nose:Concentrate color on lower lip, making it slightly wider and squarer than upper lip.

Large nose:Emphasise color on lower lip and make slightly wider and fuller than upper lip.

Flat nose:Follow natural lip curves, keeping lips wide. Blend lighter foundation down length of nose. Use vivid lipstick.

Wide nose: Make up lips following natural contours but fairly wide. Use darker foundation to shadow sides of nose.

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