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1970s makeup guide published by Womans Weekly 1978 –


The warm and natural look is the new vogue for 1978. The new trick – think of your cheek colour as an eye colour. When the blusher is an earthy shade, use it it across the eye area, particularly along the socket line, to achieve a ‘bare eye’ look. You’ll find that because cheeks and eyes are the same colour, your face takes on a warm and natural look. A trick for beautiful lips this year is to line your lips with a pencil and fill in, not with lipstick but a lip gloss !

1978 Make-up Tutorial – Day


1.Any good makeup begins on an even base. First take a small makeup sponge, squeezed out in water, then spread the base venly over the face. We used Prue Acton‘s New Beige Moisturising Liquid Makeup.
2.The blusher, Frosty Berry Powdered Blusher, is swept across the face in an upward movement, taking the colour right to the hairline. To disperse any hard line soft colour, the soft brush is flicked across the cheekbones.

Prue Acton-Makeup 1970s advert

3.Eye makeup begins with a charcoal eye pencil outline. Next Creamy Oyster Super Shadow highlights the brow bone. A final dusting of Frosted Cherry powder blusher goes across the lids. If the colour is too pink, replace with brown shadow.
4.Your makeup will look complete if you polish it off with a nail varnish matching your lip gloss. The colour is¬†Prue Acton‘s Gold in Red. Three coats and a top coat will seal it for five days.


The finished look that’s warm and healthy. The trick? Prue Acton’s makeup artist David Haddon used only earthy colours. Each coklour compliments the other to give a natural flush. Blusher on the eyes won’t suit all girls, but brown shadow can be used instead.

1978 Make-up Tutorial – Evening


1.Putting on a night face now means concentrating on new areas of the face. Revlon’s Ultima II shows us how …Blusher is applied differently. Put it on the cheekbones, then sweep up just a little around the temples for more glow.
2.Brows frame the face. Brush them free of any powder or base accumulated there during make up. Brush shape into a natural line. if you need to fill in the brows, use a charcoal brown coloring stick. A dab of oil will shine.
3.At night, stronger colour rims the eyes. Here Ultima II’s Charcoal brown colour stick puts colour along the lower eye lid. Also use it to colour the inner corner of the top eye lid. the same pencil can fill in brows. The look is deep yet almost ‘non made up’ looking.
4.There are two steps to the perfect lip line. First, outline our lip with pencil. Second, using a lip brush and CHR Pure Crystal gloss for final natural shine.


The finished look created with Revlon Ultima II light shades is both glamorous and natural. Lips highly glossed and eyes the focal point yet with a natural bare look to them.
Both these tutorials will leave you looking and feeling gleaming !

That’s all !
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Australian Womans Weekly 1978

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