The Right Way to Face Rouge in 1937

1930s makeup booklet


If your own natural coloring were always at its best, you wouldn’t need rouge. But with the stress and strain of modern life, even the loveliest complexion usually requires a bit of discreet touching up.


Start your rouge at the high point of the cheek muscle and follow its natural curve toward your nose. Your cheek muscle is always proportioned to your face – round or narrow, short or long. Follow it and you will never have to remember any arbitrary rules for rouging.

Apply rouge with clean cotton or a puff. Keep it high – never further down than a line even with the end of your nose, never as far down as your mouth. Carry your rouge right up to the lower lashes and up to the temples so no strip will be left between eyes and cheek to look yellow or white.


Rouge close to the outside corners of your eyes – this eliminates dark shadows and circles and takes years off your face. Rouge no closer to your nose than the line of your cheek muscle.Smooth rouge out along this muscle toward the tip of your ear, up very close under the eyes on the temples toward the hair.

Often a touch of rouge on the lobes of your ears adds a dash of sparkle; and if the entire ear is exposed, the outer rim can be rouged. Gently blend the rouge until there is no definite line – never, never, apply it in a round red ring!

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Richard Hudnut Beauty Booklet
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