Vintage Makeup Tutorial 1938 – Pathe archive


Vintage Makeup Tutorial 1938 – Pathe archive.

A cute and actually rather informative 1930s makeup tutorial film for cinema release and possible early TV release also. Voiced naturally by a ‘man’ the commentary is very Harry Enfiled’s Chomondley Warner, but charming in it’s own patronizing way.

“Making up – whether after a tip or a spot in the ladies room, is an art if only one knows how. And continental beauty experts say that one must be able to size up the face as well. In other wards – makeup is made to measure! ”

1930s Makeup – Face Contouring.


“With a  perfect ‘oval face’ – this triangle on her face marks the very limit of operations.

When the forehead nose and chin are of different lengths, the ‘cheeky’ triangle is shaped accordingly. Thus making up in makeup what the face lacks in uniformity. It’s all rather touching don’t you think? ”


The effect is seen below in these two pictures of the same face – on the left ‘bad makeup’ and on the right – good makeup!  (Editor – seems to simply have more lipstick than the other).


1930s Lip Contouring.


“Now the lips – this is where we get warmed up to our subject.


If the mouth is not so cupids bow-ish and the lips are a teeny wee bit heavy – pardon us ladies, you should slightly exaggerate the middle to form a V – and avoid coloring the extreme ends.


With thin lips – where is that cat? The middle V must be ‘enlarged’ to shorten the space under the nose, and the ends left severely alone again.” Voila !



Watch the original video below for Pathe News Vintage Fashion channel

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  1. I remember the taste of my mom’s lipstick I loved it. She wouldn’t let me wear make up till 14 but that didn’t stop me from using hers. Anyone else remember this? Can it still be found? Beth

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