1940S Fashion Film – Tutorial – How to apply makeup.

1940S Fashion Film – Tutorial – How to apply makeup.

This video of ours has been extremely popular and was even featured recently by the UK Daily Mail – Glamourdaze 1940’s makeup . Miss Ratherly Stern ( our pet name for the prim tutor) instructs her girls on the correct method of applying makeup.A big part of the daily routine in the 1940’s was in skin preparation and the use of vanishing cream – Grandmothers old beauty trick. How many women use it nowadays I wonder? Here’s a complete instructional transcript complete with images.

Take it away Miss Stern.


The 1940’s Makeup Pat.

“With the help of these two young ladies I’m going to try and give you a few pointers on applying your makeup.


The first step is a smooth base – for that you can either use a makeup pat or a vanishing cream. If the pat is used you blend it over your entire face using a damp sponge or cotton.
Apply it sparingly and while still moist – blend it to super smoothness from your finger tips.”

( Ed – In the video the girls face instantly takes on a whiter complexion after this)

“If instead you use vanishing cream – a light touch is equally important – spreading evenly, clear up to the hair line.”

1940’s Rouge application – The Tri-dot Method.


“If you use rouge – try putting it on using the ‘tri-dot system’. One dot directly under the pupil of the eye; the second on the cheekbone; and the third -no lower than the tip of the nose.
Now fill in the ‘triangle’ lightly and blend in careful till no one can see that the rouge is there – not even you! Nothing dates you more than rouge ‘that shows’

1940’s Lipstick application.

“Lipstick is your ‘exclamation point’ Use it sparingly but well. Use two strokes to outline the upper lip and one long stroke for the lower. Fill in with up and down strokes, so that the lipstick goes with the grain of the skin.


1940’s Makeup Harmony.

” Be sure that your lipstick harmonizes with your rouge and your nail polish and check to see if there are any reds in your costume to see that everything is in key. After applying your lipstick, blot off the excess with a tissue.


Last – your powder. I goes over your makeup and all over your face. Choose the shade carefully. When you find one that blends in with the color of your skin – no lighter, then that is your shade.

If your skin is on the sallow side, you’ll want to powder, one note rosier. Please avoid the ‘too powdered look’ Use a clean puff or fresh piece of cotton and keep it well filled. Press it lightly all over your face, starting at the forehead and working down. Use a loosely folded tissue to brush excess powder away, giving particular attention
to hairline and brows.

Before you leave the mirror – take a good look at your face, and remember – lots of people will see you in profile, so be sure that the makeup goes all the way around to the side.

For more on 1940s makeup looks – see The History of Makeup – 1940s.


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