1920s Color Chart for your type – Brunettes

The 1920s Color Key Chart for the Brunette girl –

Miss Laurene Hempstead, an expert in color harmonies, writes the second in a series of four 1920’s beauty articles on color choice in clothing to match hair and makeup – for the four different types of feminine.

The 1920s Color Key Chart for the Brunette

This week – the brunette.

So – the vivid brunette, she with the vivid red-orange coloring in cheeks and lips, warm orange background coloring in her skin, dark, but definitely colorful hair with coppery highlights, with dark eyes showing the same rich brown coloring – is indeed fortunate.
Her vivid forceful coloring expresses a strong personality, one that is not easily hidden or subdued, by strong colors in her clothes.
She can wear stronger makeup than any other girl, and stronger more decided colors to match in her costume.
Delicate pale colors in either makeup or dress should be avoided for they tend to make her coloring look course.
When light colors are worn they should be the warm orange and red-orange tints of her rouge and lipsticks.

The subject is the demure Estelle Taylor – Save this key to the colors.

1.Softened, slightly neutralized yellow orange
2.Dark, slightly neutralized red-orange
3.Light value of soft orange-red
4.Grayed green with slightly yellow green
5.Softened orange
6. Red with tinge of orange
7.Dark green ( good for necklaces)
8.Pale tint of red orange
9.Bright red orange
10.Red, very slightly softened

Beauty experts say that American women too often sacrifice their own beauty to follow an arbitrary fashion in color. Even the best designers often insist you wear ‘their’ choice.

Before you select the colors for your costume – first know the color of your makeup.
If you are a brunette, you probably have the warm coloring. Therefore select a rouge and lipstick containing orange that will increase the color without altering it.

What are the most becoming 1920s colors for the brunette ?

There are brunettes and brunettes, almost as there are individuals. Some possess vivid brilliant warm coloring; some subdued warmth, a more olive skin;others have dark hair with fair skin.
So are you a dark warm or dark cool type brunette? It’s important.
If your skin is warm, is it vividly glowing with color, or does it possess a more subtle tone?
Having determined what you are, study the color requirements of that type, meanwhile analyzing yourself – your assets and of course, your defects.

Examine the brunette color chart above and have fun finding your most becoming color.

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  1. Love it! As a pale brunettes myself (and roaring twenties lover) I recommend vivid reds, violet, byrgundy, klein blue and jewel tones too 🙂

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