60’s Makeup Lesson for the Hippie from 1969

A groovy 60’s makeup lesson for girls. The Do’s and Don’ts in late 1960’s makeup looks for modern hippies.  April 1969 issue of Girl’s Romance.

60's makeup
60’s makeup lesson. Do’s and Don’t in 1960’s makeup looks for girls 1969

I found this 1969 makeup tutorial via Sequential Crush – a blog by Jacqui Nodell, which devotes itself to preserving 1960’s comic culture. Thanks Jacqui. Follow these tips. Add a flower or two and you’ve got the perfect hippie makeup look too.

60’s Makeup Lesson – Do’s and Don’t 1969

60's makeup - eye shadows
Soft pale eye shadows

1. Painted-on eyebrows with over-loaded eye-shadow? – Better do something different, like a soft pencil line. Nut not too thin! Oh, and try those soft pale eye shade colors – they’re the grooviest little things.

60's makeup - eye liner
Make those lines thin

2. Don’t tell me a pretty gal like you is still wasting all that cool with heavy, obvious eye-liner! Wow… wake up baby! Thin that line down!

60's makeup - lashes
False lashes are the in thing. But leave them unless you know how to apply correctly.

3.Leave off the false lashes, honey. They’re great if you know how to apply them, but please practice first!

60's makeup - lipstick
The 60s lipstick look is pale. The emphasis must be on the eyes.

4.The looks on the lips is light and tawny! If yours still look like Bloody Mary’s – the kissing ain’t gonna be much fun !

60's makeup - face facts

5.Be as natural as possible pussy cat! Sure, use lots of make-up – because it helps to obtain that look! But make sure you’re using it right! Right?!

That’s all !

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