100 Years of Beauty – Ebony and Ivory comparison

 Side by Side Time lapse of 100 Years in makeup and Hairstyles –

Following on the viral success of their first video 100 Years of Beauty in One MinuteCut Video return with a second interpretation of a century of beauty styles – this time comparing dark and light skinned complexions. For my money the Marshay is the Empress of Cool from the 1960s onwards. Those beehives and afro textured hairstyles rocked. The new model Marshay joins Nina Carduner in head to head time- lapse fun.

Here are the stills followed by the video. Enjoy !

100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1910s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1920s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1930s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1940s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1950s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1950s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1970s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1980s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---1990s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---2000s 100-Years-of-beauty---Ebony-and-Ivory-comparison---2010s



And now the time lapse video !