100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute

Vintage Beauty Video goes Viral –


Its a wonder no one thought of doing a time lapse of hair and makeup styles -before ( well I did –  but I never got a round to it … har har ) but this very entertaining video of a woman being coiffed and made-up and posed to suit the looks of every era of beauty from the 1910s to the present decade.
Top marks to the beautiful model for the video – TangoCard business developer –  Nina Carduner for her vivacious and enthusiastic performance. The makeup …. I could nick pick a tad in places ( the exaggerated bow lips from the 1920s is simply a myth ). The 1910s hairstyle has me mystified and I certainly expected the defining 1990′s hairstyle to be Rachael from Friends, but that’s only nick picking on what was a very enjoyable little video.
The polls had the 1950s as the outright winner for pure glam, but I would have gone for the 1930s look myself.



Enjoy THE FILM !

2 thoughts on “100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute”

  1. I also enjoyed the video, but a few little things bothered me as well.

    I think the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s are more of the teen look of that decade. While that’s probably what a lot of people remember, looking through magazines and photo albums reveal very different looks.

    But hey, overall, it was an entertaining video! Thanks for sharing.

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