1930s Beauty Class – Summer Sun Secrets

Safe skin tips from Helen Twelvetrees – July 1932 –

Helen-Twelvetrees – 1930s swimwear

1930’s beauty report from Ann Boyd –

To prevent windburn and roughness from the dry hot breezes of summer, Miss Twelvetrees always rubs a thin cold cream over her face as a last minute touch before facing the outdoors.

1930s-Beauty-Class-Helen-Twelvetrees- cold cream content !

To the fair skinned – it was once the aches and pains of sunburn ! But not any more. Helen Twelvetrees with her dazzling pink and white complexion is one of those women who have found the secret to circumvent the painful combination of strong sun and delicate skin.


Her first few encounters with the California sun are but torturous memories.

The Formula


Helen mixes equal parts of olive oil and castor oils. Just before going out on the beach she has this thoroughly massaged into every exposed portion of her skin. The mixture prevents a deep suntan but Helen, like many actresses prefers to keep her natural milky complexion.
“Use the mixture of olive and castor oil several times.”

Keep your times in the open sun limited to 10 minutes on the first day, remaining in the shade for the remainder.

“Never lie in the sun longer than 60 minutes in a day.When your skin is conditioned to the sun, abandon the castor oil.”


Dark Skinned Beauty Tips

For the darker skinned girl, olive oil alone will enable a deeper tan, and on her it will look more natural.
“If you are fair skinned,” advises Helen, “Enhance that look by getting a healthy warm glow from the sun and no more – remember too much sun will age your beautiful skin prematurely!”

It isn’t long ago that no girl could hope to be considered beautiful unless an exquisite peaches and cream skin was listed among her assets.
The outdoors girl, with skin tanned from exposure might be respected for her skill on the tennis court or in the swimming pool. But it was her fair fragile skinned sisters, to whom the poets wrote sonnets

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Originally published new Movie Magazine 1931
Illustrated swimsuit Image of Helen Twelvetrees by Greggs Paper Dolls

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