1950s Tutorial – White Lipstick and How to Wear it

1959 was all about color blending –

white lipstick

White lipstick. Lots of girls use it, but only a few can apply it as prettily as the ladies does above. Now the so called Italian look may be for some, and certainly will make an impression at an event, but perhaps not right for everyday wear as the girl below demonstrates.

Don’t do this !!

Learning to frost the mouth with white lipstick is fairly difficult at first, and you must try wearing the thinnest coat of lipstick you can apply to achieve the proper look.

Some girls will find that this is done more easily by rotating or rolling the stick over the lip instead of stroking.

For those who can manage one, the lipstick brush is by far the best way to apply lip colours.


There are four basic ways to blend white lipstick :

1. As an undercoat for one of the new colours or your regular favourite colour.
The drill is to outline the mouth with white lipstick, then fill in the outline, blot, and blend with the fingertips, smoothing over natural lip creases. Next apply the tinted lipstick, first outlining, then filling in. Blot and blend again.

2. The second method is simply to use white as a frosting or top coat for tinted lipstick. On a lightly tanned young face its effect is stunning.

3.Blend some white with two colours in the palm of your hand and apply it with a brush.

4. The last method is less cumbersome; for this you need a two-tone lipstick, half red and half white, which gives a pearly effect straight from the tube.


You must experiment to see which of these methods is most effective for your own lips, adding more colour or increasing the amount of white as needed.

Lips should always be clean and powdered dry before applying lipstick. Do this by first blotting them and then applying a thin film of face powder over your mouth. this acts as a firm base.

That’s all !
Australian Woman’s Weekly 1959