A quick Early 1960s Eye Makeup Look

1961 Eye make-up tutorial by Lee Lawson-

A-quick-Early-1960s-Eye-Makeup-Look – Lee Lawson

When a girl has an eye for beauty, she knows the importance of accentuating the loveliness of eyes. Whether it was Shakespeare or Leonardo DaVinci who called the eyes the “windows of the soul”, there are ways to “decorate” these windows – as every girl knows. She can give them brilliance, depth and sparkle. And anyone can learn with a little practice. Lee Lawson is a talented nineteen year old actress who is currently starring in the CBS-TV daytime drama, LOVE OF LIFE.

Lee is red haired, brown eyed, with a nose tantalizingly tilted, weight 100 pounds, height five feet one inch.
Lee used to wear glasses, five years ago and she changed to contact lenses. Her naturally super-long lashes rubbed mascara on her glasses, but now they are no problem and she can bat them for all to see.
“If you learn eye make-up properly,” says Lee ” you will seem to have natural eye allure.”


1. Lee applies skin-tone foundation, in stick form, for under eye shadow – then brushes her brows upwards, straightens stray hair with a tiny comb dabbed in Vaseline.


2.Brows are shaped with a pencil, shadow in a new powder form is smooths across the lid by her finger. Lee uses skin-tone highlight between eye and brow – “invention” to make orbs seem larger.


3.Lee uses black liquid liner on her upper lid, applies mascara to her lashes. Her daytime eye make-up is lighter than for evening. ” I use a darker shadow for going out” she explains ” and I dab mascara on both upper and lower lid – it’s all the rage!”