Joan Crawford’s Beauty Tricks – by Max Factor 1934

Famous Make-up Expert reveals the stars beauty secrets –


By Max Factor – 1934

Joan Crawford has travelled a long way up the path to beauty. She didn’t arrive suddenly. I’ve watched Joan struggle and work and strive for it with all that splendid energy of hers.
To me, it is one of the most inspiring “success” stories ever to come out of Hollywood, because it shows just what a girl can do when she sets her mind to it.


You may not be favored with a charming nose like Joan’s. You may not have her eyes. But you’ve got something ! Everyone is born with a certain accented feature and it’s by making the most of it that you become attractive and distinctive. This is the true secret to 1930’s make-up.


I used to tease her about the thickness with which she applied her foundation cream. ” But Max,” she’d protest, ” I’ve got to hide all these freckles!”

Today she has learned that by emphasizing – not minimizing her beauty assets, that she achieves true beauty and of course glamour.


She has been a blonde, golden redhead and brunette. From a chubby round eyed ingénue she has transformed into a slender, dazzling beauty.



Where she laid on too much stress on every feature and her attempts to hide them in many cases – with too much rouge, lipstick applied too thickly, eyebrows too sharply defined ( she has amazing natural brows which I have always said are her best feature ) – she learned the technique of artistic emphasis. That is, playing up one or two features. Dramatizing them.


That is the most important step in make-up. And incidentally, it is the real secret of Joan’s unique fascination.

Her eyes were once merely a pretty blue. Today she has made them the focal point in her face. Wonderfully large. Mysterious. They fairly speak, those eyes of Joan’s !

First of all, the whites are remarkably clear. That comes from just one thing – good health. enough sleep. And no hard rubbing – ever ! We all have that habit of rubbing our eyes before bed and upon rising. It’s one of the worst things a girl can do. Joan also makes a point of keeping her eyes clean – washing them twice a day in a mild boric acid solution followed by clear cold water.


There’s nothing like a good cleansing for sparkling eyes. And nothing like correctly shaded eye-shadow to give them depth! Joan uses gray, a new soft tone that is undetectable. She deepens it on the eyelid and blends it off towards the outer edge. She uses mascara to give the eyes that very open look. You see, when she raises them, they seem to widen the eyes even more that way.

But don’t do this if you have really round eyes. The thing to do in that case is to extend the upper and lower lids at the outer corner of the eye with a light eyebrow pencil so that the eye appears more almond-shaped.


Another trick of Joans is to pose to the camera with a slight raise of her chin and to the side –  from half closed eyes. There is nothing more alluring.

Of late she has been pencilling her brows delicately in their natural arch. That arch and the backward sweep of her hair off her forehead lend her a certain serenity that is an impressive contrast to the intensity of her eyes and the drama of her mouth.

It is that which has given Joan Crawford her new glamour.

“My career,” Joan told me once, ” has taught me that correct make-up is one of the most important factors ina woman’s life story. I’ve learned that by a periodic altering of the method of make-up that i can change my whole appearance. The chief thing to remember is to use reliable cosmetics!”

“I hated being a blonde!” she confides, ” I wouldn’t look in the mirror, when my hair was light. I never felt like myself. It’s funny to see a stranger looking back at you from the looking glass! I’m so glad to have settled back with my natural chestnut brown hair again!”

That’s all !