1930s Housewives Emergency Make-up Kit

Max Factor Make-up School – June 1935 –


Your home is in a sense ..a stage – your own personal stage. Small or large, it should be the background for you, for the particular type of good looks that are yours.

You know women – and so do I – who think beauty is for the street alone or for very special occasions. They’ll tell you, “Heavens. I haven’t time to make-up when busy around the house!”
The result? Life is just about one-tenth as happy and interesting as it might be …


Now here’s a valuable trick.
Every business woman I know keeps a beauty kit handy – not where you think ( in her handbag ) but in her desk! She stores within visible reach all she needs for quick repairs.
Why shouldn’t a housewife keep one in her kitchen?

The best place is on a subtly disguised shelf below a handy mirror that you can hang in the best possible light, or even with a light fixture beside it.

You can then fix up your face even when hearing darling hubby’s key in the door or when the bell rings suddenly announcing an unexpected visitor.


A light dusting of powder over cheeks flushed from from a warm stove; a bit of eye shadow – it can be done deftly even when in a hurry.

This kitchen ‘handy kit’ should contain besides eye-shadow and powder, rouge and lipstick, cream for the hands, and a face cream to quickly remove that spot of soot in an emergency.

That’s all !

Text©Glamourdaze 2015
originally published in 1935 Hollywood

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