1930s Beauty School – Alluring Eyes

Francis Dee’s 1930s Eye Makeup Tips

Francis Dee – 1932

A woman’s tresses may be her glory, but her eyes are the most magnetic, actively alluring charm she may possess!The “come hither” look in an eye is utterly irresistible if the eye is clear, sparkling, soft and properly made-up.¬†Never before has this fact been so generally acknowledged. Never before have the eyes been so carefully studied and cared for.
With eye shadow for milady of the drawing-room, as well as for milady of the stage, came a careful study of eye effects and hundreds of instructions on how to use eye cosmetics.To bring out the “it” in your eyes so that they may fulfill that old pun, “the look that lies in a woman’s eyes – it lies, and lies, and lies !”

Francis Dee has two of the most beautiful orbs in Hollywood. Here she tells us about eye make-up, how to care for them, and how to use them ! That all important “it-ness”, don’t you think?

Francis Dee
1. “First and foremost,” says Francis Dee, ” is the eye cup.” Every morning and every night she bathes her eyes to prevent strain and inflammation.
1930s-Beauty-School---Alluring-Eyes - Francis Dee
2. “Gently pat turtle oil or tissue cream around the yes.”
1930s-Beauty-School---Alluring-Eyes - Francis Dee
3. “Now pat cotton soaked in astringent over the lids.”
1930s-Beauty-School---Alluring-Eyes - Francis Dee
4. “Smooth in eye shadow with the ball of the finger.”
5. ” brush mascara up from the eye line to the lash tips.”
6. “Pencil the brows lightly, starting at the nose”

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