Secrets of Make-up According to Pathe News 1944

Quick makeup lesson in a clipped English ‘male’ accent –


Here’s a man who knows all about making up faces to their best advantage – Gerry Fairbanks, whose job in life is to make film stars faces prettier than they really are.

Secrets-of-Make-up-According-to-Pathe-News-1944-face cream

Are your eyebrows too heavy like this girls? if so then a few must come out ! Next he must clean her face with cold cream, before getting to work applying any make-up. This is the foundation of beauty and upon it depends the fate of the British Empire ( Ed: ok he doesn’t really say that !).


The cleaning is completed to Gerry’s satisfaction. When the face is completely covered, the next step is to get to work on the eyebrows. To get breadth, these must be drawn longer than they are naturally.


Now comes the most important point of all, applying her lip makeup. Gerry says that a properly made up mouth is more than half the battle.


Before finishing off the lips, a powder must be applied. It makes lipstick cling closely so it doesn’t come off. Now a few final touches to the mouth. Note that he uses a brush and NOT a lipstick.

Ans now the finished Result !

Now you see the final result. Off comes her turban, a quick fluffing of her hair and she looks and feels like a million dollars. Try making up like this and maybe you’ll look like a film star too ! Now watch the original movie from Pathe News. Spiffing -what!

That’s all !
Transcription©Glamourdaze 2016
Images©Pathe Pictorial 1944