1950s Star Hints on Eye Glamour

How Movie actresses make their eyes look big –

The tool-kit comprises of eye liner, eraser,pencil,mascara, false lashes.

1950s eye glamour tips

Eraser make-up:

Left:Even glamour girls sometimes have smudges under their pretty eyes, and when a movie starlet comes up against this grooming problem she remedies it with a tiny bit of erasing make-up. This will be a luminescent flesh tinted cream applied lightly with a soft brush all over the under eye area. The trick is to use smooth, even strokes so that no hard edge is left afterwards to show under face-powder. NB: be sure when applying rest of face foundation, only to blend it to the edges of the under eye cream and NOT over it, otherwise it will crinkle.


Right: Once the make-up man’s secret, but quite well known now and often used, eye-liner is a wonderful cosmetic for enlarging a girls eyes. The idea is to draw in a thin LIGHT line with a fine brush just inside the lower eyelash line.
This has the effect of highlighting the whites of eyes, makes them look bright and huge and very feminine.



Left: Excepting at special times, film girls generally prefer brown pencil. Notice that the pencil in the photo is sharpened to wedge shape and that the thin end is being used. Pencilling defines and enlarges the eyes. The knack is to keep the line near the lashes. There must never be a white space left between the drawn line and the lashes or the illusion of thicker lashes is lost.


Right: Adds drama to the movie girl’s glance, and can be breathtaking when she powders her eyelashes before applying mascara ! First she takes up plenty of face-powder on a blob of cotton wool; then, with lids lowered, she gently presses it against the upper lashes. The mascara is thinly used and lashes are brushed upwards all the time to encourage them away from, and again help to enlarge and prettify the eyes even more.

False Eyelashes:

A Girl needs a deft touch, steady fingers, and lots of time to put on false eye-lashes correctly. The best false lashes are made of fine real hair. With care, false lashes can be worn daily ! The addition of lashes as a final touch after mascara, can be truly amazing.

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